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10 Ways To Lower Your Home Insurance Premiums In Orange County

10 Ways To Lower Your Home Insurance Premiums In Orange County

I understand that the wildfires and insurance coverage situation in California, especially in Southern California and Orange County, have created challenges for homeowners. Many insurance companies have stopped offering fire insurance due to the wildfires, which has led property owners to seek private fire insurance, resulting in significantly increased home insurance costs. Furthermore, the California insurance commissioners’ decision not to allow homeowner’s insurance companies to raise their premiums has made it difficult for them to insure personal property in California. As a result, finding affordable home and auto insurance coverage has become more challenging, even for long-term policyholders with good credit scores and low claims history.

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Given this situation, here are the 10 ways to lower your home insurance premiums in Orange County:

Stack Your Home and Auto Insurance With The Same Insurer

You can potentially lower your homeowner’s insurance premiums in Orange County by utilizing the same insurance company for multiple policies. Insurance companies can often offer discounts to customers who have multiple policies with them. Consider inquiring about special rates if choose the same company for your car insurance, home insurance, life insurance, and content insurance.

Explore Every Additional Discount Offered By Insurance Company

When requesting a multiple-policy discount, it’s worthwhile to explore additional discounts offered by insurance companies. You can inquire about potential discounts such as those for seniors, no claims history, marital status, and being a non-smoker. Request a comprehensive list of all available discounts from the insurer and inquire if they are willing to match any discounts offered by the other insurance companies. If you have been a long-term policyholder, consider asking for a loyalty discount based on your history with the insurance company.

Compare Your Renewal Quote Against A New Customer Quote

It’s important to review your renewal quote and compare it to the quotes offered to new customers. In some cases, insurance companies may overlook existing customers when it comes to discounts and benefits. Ensure that you are not missing out on any potential discounts that new customers are receiving. If you discover discrepancies, promptly contact the insurance agent or company and request they offer the same benefits to you as they are offering to new customers.

Home Improvements To Lower Insurance Costs

Lower your homeowner’s insurance costs by making home improvements that increase the durability of your property. Consider installing fire-resistant roofing or shatterproof glass. Upgrading outdated electrical systems, HVAC, and plumbing systems can help minimize the risk of fire and water damage, resulting in potential savings on insurance premiums.

Avoid Overinsuring!

Avoid overinsuring your home’s contents and regularly monitor the depreciation of your assets. Adjust the value of your contents policy to reflect the decreasing value of your possessions, potentially resulting in cost savings.

Opt To Pay For A Higher Deductible

Lower your homeowner’s insurance premiums by increasing your deductible. While this means you will have higher out-of-pocket expenses in the event of a claim, it is a cost-effective option considering the infrequency of claims of most homeowners.

Don’t Make Claims On Your Insurance For Minor Things

Think twice before filing an insurance claim for minor losses. For instance, if your house is burglarized and a $400 old television is stolen, consider the implications. With a deductible of $300 and the potential loss of “no claim bonuses,” making a claim may impact your insurance premiums for several years to come.

Upgrade Your Home Security

Boost your home’s security by installing an alarm system. Inform your insurance company about the upgrades you made, as they often offer discounts for such enhancements

Protect Your Home Against Natural Disasters

Protect your home against natural disasters to potentially reduce insurance premiums. Show your insurer that you have taken appropriate measures for disaster preparedness.

Stay Home!

Finally, minimize insurance costs by avoiding extended periods of leaving your home unoccupied. Some insurers view prolonged vacancy of four weeks or more as a higher risk for burglary, which can lead to increased premiums.

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