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9 Reasons To Buy New Construction in Orange County

9 Reasons To Buy New Construction In Orange County

You walk into a new community and it feels like everything is exactly how you wanted. The house has an attractive curb appeal, with friendly salespeople who are happy to help answer any questions or assist in whatever way possible!

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Custom and Modern Design

People are always looking for ways to make their homes more appealing. As a Realtor, I find that buyers will tell me if they have any serious concerns about an already-listed property even before we set up appointments and show them around! One of the main reasons people like new construction is because you can customize your space with different colors or modern styles depending on what’s best suited for YOU–not someone else who may live somewhere else in this house (maybe even next door!).

Functional Floor Plans

When I show homes to people, they typically have very specific requirements. However, over time, I’ve learned that these specific requirements usually fall into very common patterns. For instance, when I help move-down buyers, most of them usually one a home with one story. When I help growing families, many of them usually want bedrooms close to the master. I’ve also noticed that parents who have toddlers always want at least one bathtub in the home. And all of my clients who cook, always want an open kitchen where they can spend time with their friends and family while also preparing meals. When buy a new construction home, you can make all of these dreams come true. 

Home Warranties

Because resale homes are older, they’re subject to wear and tear, which means that things tend to break down over time. However, when you buy a new construction home, not only is everything in that home brand new, it’s also under warranty! 

Energy Efficiency

Technology changes constantly, but luckily most home builders keep up with these trends. Many of the homes built today are constructed with efficiency in mind. Here in California, all homes are required to have solar installed and most of them come with Energy Star-certified products. These small improvements will help you save big down the road. 

Higher Indoor Air Quality

Home builders know that people care about the safety of their families – which includes indoor air quality and airborne allergens. So most homes built today meet strict ventilation policies, ensuring that they’re not only safer but also more energy efficient. 

Better Technology

Better technology means cutting materials with more precise measurements and building homes with more accurate architecture. When home builders have access to the latest technology, they can build better homes, which allows for less home maintenance down the road. 

The homes have gotten smarter as well. New construction are laying the electrical, Cat6 cables, fiber cables, and building in structured wired and network panels. Homes are now capable of being controlled wirelessly through cell phones or tablets. Every feature of the home from the controlling the air condition, pool/spa heating, turning lights off or on in the home, dishwashers, etc.. can now be controlled, scheduled, and automated. 

Community Amenities

Many new homes are built with community amenities.  I’ve seen everything from parks, to pools, and playgrounds. Although many of these amenities do come at a cost, in the form of a monthly homeowners’ association (HOA) fee, HOAs do have their advantages. Namely, the fact that your community will stay stunning for years on end, and your home value will stay stable over time. 

Increased Safety

Many new homes are also built in gated communities, which is a huge safety feature! But new homes also come equipped with internal safety features as well. Alarm systems, smart doorbells,  and infrared garage door sensors are just some of the features you can find in a new construction home. 

The New Home Feel

One of the best features of buying a new home is that you’re the only one who’s ever lived in it! There are no weird smells, marks on the walls, lost garage/gate remotes, or missing pieces that can’t be explained. That fact alone is worth it for some people! 

Should You Use A Realtor To Buy A New Construction Home?

Yes! The sales representative’s job is to represent the home builder, not you, as the buyer. So, bringing your Realtor® is always recommended. A great agent is not only FREE to you as a buyer, they’ll make sure that all of your interests are protected! A great real estate agent can also tell you more about taxes, housing density, HOA fees, CR&Rs, and the builder’s future construction plans. Your agent can also help you through the entire buying process, which will give you so much peace of mind!

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