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Are Chickens Allowed In Your Orange County City?

Are Chickens Allowed In Your Orange County City?

My family has fallen in love with raising our own backyard chickens. Chickens are amazing to have for your garden. They eliminate all your pesky insects, the fresh eggs are amazing, they turn over your soil, and chickens are fun and easy animals to raise. When we first moved to Orange County we wanted to know if we can have backyard chickens in our neighborhood. It is amazing to see all the backyard chicken ordinances that exist throughout Orange County. Here is the list of cities in Orange County that will allow you to have a backyard chicken. The rules I am displaying are for the cities. If you have an HOA their private covenants can overrule your city’s backyard chicken ordinance.

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One hen per 1800 square feet. No backyard chicken permit is required. Only hens are allowed.

Aliso Viejo

Residences are not allowed to have chickens in Aliso Viejo. You can only have hens if it’s approved by the City under a conditional use permit as part of a small scale farm.


You are allowed up to 20 hens. Roosters are allowed and no permit is required. Within your property lines, you must maintain a sanitated feed and water area. The chicken coop must be neat and painted like the planned developments of the neighborhood.

Buena Park

There is no limit or permit required.

Costa Mesa

Residents may have up to five total domesticated animals. The city’s ordinance does not all you to have more than five domesticated and non-domesticated animals on your property. You must get permitted by the chief of police.

Cote De Caza

Cota De Caza follows the county ordinance on chickens in the backyard. The egg production can be for use only. Only hens and you are allowed only up to four chickens.


You can have up to four chickens. The eggs are for personal use. Only hens are allowed. You must get a permit based on the city’s backyard chicken ordinance. You cannot slaughter and sell food on your personal property line.

Dana Point

It is prohibited in residential areas

Fountain Valley

It is prohibited in Fountain Valley


You are allowed to have hens. The city ordinance requires the coop to be 30 feet away from a single-family home.

Garden Grove

You can have hens, rabbits, and other birds. They must be kept in an enclosure and be at a minimum of twenty-five feet away from the single-family home.

Huntington Beach

Residents are allowed to have hens. You must get a backyard chicken permit.


It is not allowed in the city of Irvine.

Ladera Ranch

It is not allowed in the city of Ladera Ranch

Laguna Beach

You are allowed to have chickens, but they must be enclosed in a coop

Laguna Hills

You can have 6 hens within a 15,000-square-foot lot size.

Laguna Niguel

You are allowed to have hens and they must have an enclosure.

Lake Forest

The hens are restricted to the city limits of Lake Forest Park. You can have a maximum of 12 hens on a 12,000-15,000 square foot lot.

La Habra

You cannot have hens unless it is zoned for agriculture.

Mission Viejo

It is not allowed in the city of Mission Viejo.

Newport Beach

You are allowed two hens and an unlimited amount of chicks for a 15,000-square-foot lot. You can have the chicks until they are weaned.


You are allowed to have only 5 hens. Their enclosure must be a minimum of 20 feet from any property line.


You are allowed to have hens.

Rancho Santa Margarita

It is not allowed in Rancho Santa Margarita.


It is not allowed in Rossmoor.

Santa Ana

No more than 4 hens total and their enclosure must be 30 feet away from neighbors.

San Clemente

It is not allowed in San Clemente.

San Juan Capistrano

You are allowed to have hens. You will have to go to the city website here to see the exact rules.

Seal Beach

Chickens are not allowed in Seal Beach.

Silverado Canyon

Hens and roosters are allowed. There are no limits. As long as it is not for commercial use. Coops must follow Orange County rules and they must be well made.


Chickens are not allowed in Stanton.


You can have hens. They must be in a enclosure more than 100 feet away from the home.

Villa Park

You must have a minimum of two (to keep the birds healthy) and a maximum of 6 on the property. You must get a permit.


You must get approved by the city for $25.00. Once you get the permit you can have hens.

Yorba Linda

You must get approval and a backyard chicken permit to have them in your residents.

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