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Best Places For Engagement Photos In Orange County

Best Places For Engagement Photos In Orange County

Orange County has some of the most beautiful locations in Southern California to take engagement photos. I know it can be tough to figure out what is the best place and time to go take pictures. Here is my list of the best locations for engagement photos in Orange County.

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San Juan Capistrano Mission

The Mission San Juan Capistrano is a wonderful place to take engagement photos. You have so many places to take great engagement photos. The mission bells, the beautiful gardens, and the historic cobblestone/brick buildings. There is also a train station down the street.

There is a $50-$100 photography permit. The best time to take photos is on weekdays two hours before sunset. Reservations for engagement sessions must be placed 48 hours in advance. The mission closes at 5 pm. It can get pretty hot if you have a plan to take your engagement photography during the summer so plan accordingly.

Jeffrey Open Space Trail

The Jeffrey trail is a beautiful park located in the city of Irvine. It has great hiking trails, mature trees, a tunnel, and open fields.

No permit is required for an engagement session. It is a great location for engagement photos as well as family photos all year round. The trails can get busy during the evenings, but if you plan your engagement shoot a couple of hours before sunset you will get fewer crowds.

Heisler Park Laguna Beach

Heisler Park is one of my favorite engagement photo locations in Orange County. You have a beautiful park to take stunning photos of, but you have two gorgeous beaches connected to the park. There is Picnic beach and Rockpile beach. There are trails, tide pools, beautiful sunset scenery, and soft sand.

The winter is a great time to set up an engagement photography session. There are not as many crowds and the beaches and tide pools look really cool during that time of the year. There is a $100 permit required and you will have to pay for parking if the free lot is full next to the park.

Victoria Beach Laguna Beach

Some of my close friends have taken awesome engagement photos at this location. If my wife and I had to take photos over again I would pick Victoria Beach. This is such a unique and great place to have your engagement photo.

Victoria Beach has an amazing strand to take photos of, but they have a pirate tower and awesome architecture. There is a $100 permit and it is one of the popular locations in Orange County. There is free parking around the surrounding neighborhood and paid meter parking. My friends recommended taking the photos in winter or spring.

Willow Canyon Laguna Beach

A great spot for a natural engagement photo location. The mature trees, tall grass, and wildflowers. The wildflowers grow during spring for a limited time. My friend’s wedding photographer created some memorable shots for them.

They said the spring was great for photos because of the blossoming flowers and green fields. They did their shoot during the evening for the sunset, soft light, and scenery. There are no fees or permits required to take photos. There is a $3 parking fee.

Newport Beach And Newport Pier

Newport Beach, Pier, and Balboa Island is a popular destination for engagement photos in Orange County and Southern California. It is a favorite location for beachgoers as well as engagement and wedding photographers.

You have beautiful beaches and strands, the beach town on Balboa Island, and the cool pier. It is a great location and one of the best locations in Orange County. The city of Newport Beach charges parking fees, but no permit fees to take beach engagement photos. The best time to plan a shoot would be during the winter or spring. It can get quite crowded during the summer in Newport Beach.

Moulton Meadows Laguna Beach

Moulton Meadows is a beautiful park that has great views of Laguna Beach. It is not as large as Irvine Regional park, but Moulton Meadows gives you privacy to take photos and gorgeous scenery around the park.

The mature trees, grass fields, trails, and views make Moulton Meadows a great place to take engagement photography sessions. It is great year-round, but spring is the best time to plan a shoot. There are no parking fees or photography permits.

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