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E-Bike Orange County Laws

E-Bike Orange County Laws

Riding an e-bike is more than just a mode of transport; it’s a lifestyle, an adventure, and always a fun time. The world feels a little bit brighter, and the journey is just as important as the destination. And one thing is for sure. E-bikes have become so popular in Orange County!

Since 2020 the popularity of E-bikes has gone through the roof. I can remember a six-month wait time from order to delivery for an e-bike. Now its the mode of transportation of most kids in the area. The bike racks at your local OC schools are packed with e-bikes. And now that it has become so popular, many OC cities have started to crack down on unsafe riders. The amount of traffic accidents with bikes has tripled since 2020.

If you follow social media or neighborhood posts, you see evidence of electric bike riders going at unsafe speeds through town on sidewalks filled with pedestrians, streets, or market centers.

Here is a list of the current cities with ordinances in Orange County.

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Aliso Viejo

Aliso Viejo city council passed laws and currently enforces the ordinance from the Orange County Transportation Authority. Click here for all the rules for riding electric bikes in Orange County. Make sure riders in your home understand the three classes of bikes. Because this is really important to know! That will determine what paths and trails you can access with your electric bicycle.

FYI: no mopeds or motorbikes are allowed on any paths or trails in Aliso Viejo. And be sure you always wear a helmet!

Huntington Beach

When it comes to e-bikes, Huntington Beach is following the rules from the OC Transportation Authority, but the police are allowed to impound the electric bicycles and ticket the rider $400. Why? The city is really trying to crack down on incidents with e-bikes to curb the accidents happening with the dangerous driving of electric bicycles and “hooliganisms” reported by the public to local law enforcement. The school districts have also worked hand in hand with local authorities to create rules that if students want to ride their electric bikes to school, they will need to take a seminar hosted by the city police.


The city of Irvine recently passed a new law on July 11, 2023 when it comes to e-bikes. All the same, rules apply from the OC Transportation Authority. The school district has also enforced rules for students that operate e-bicycles on school grounds. Students must take a seminar hosted by the local law enforcement that covers the danger of riding at high speed and following the same regulations of motor vehicle drivers.

Laguna Beach

City officials passed the ordinance for e-bikes in Laguna Beach back in 2021. Rules include that bike operators need to watch their speed, and keep in mind that it’s unlawful to ride your electric bicycle on sidewalks, Main Beach Boardwalk, and within any city park. If you don’t follow the rules and regulations, you can be subject to a $250 fine. The school district and police department offer a seminar to teach students bicycle safety, and students must complete the seminar and pass the written exam to get a permit to park their bikes on campus.

Laguna Niguel

The electric bicycle ordinance in Laguna Nigel was passed on July 20, 2021 that states electric bicycles are allowed on the sidewalk at 5 mph. The city and the local police have created safety programs and are working together to make sure to educate the e-bicyclists on the danger of “reckless operation”. Click here for more information.

Lake Forest

The city of Lake Forest passed an e-bike ordinance back in December of 2022. You must limit your speed to 5 mph on sidewalks and walkways, and all E-bikes must be walked when you are in the Central Business Center. On city streets, your speed limit is 10 mph. Helmets are required for anyone below the age of 18. E-bicycles are allowed in Etnies Skatepark. Click here for more information.

Newport Beach

The city of Newport Beach passed e-bike laws in December 2021, and has placed speed limits on e-bikes or other motorized vehicles. If you don’t obey the regulations, the fines can range from $50-$200. There is an 8 mph speed limit on the boardwalk. Click here for the complete ordinances for the city of Newport Beach

San Clemente

In 2021, the city of San Clemente adopted an e-bike ordinance that follows the OC Transportation Authority. Click here to read more information. In February 2022, San Clemente also added more regulation, stating that e-bikes are not allowed on the San Clemente pier, beaches, or coastal trails. However, class 2 e-bikes are allowed on all inland trails in San Clemente. Keep in mind that all class 3 bikes are not allowed on any trail in the city.

Seal Beach

In 2023, the city of Seal Beach adopted an electric bike ordinance that also follows the OC Transportation Authority. The city prohibits the use of electric bikes on the pier, public park, and beach. Another rule implemented is that riders must wear a helmet and there are to be no passengers allowed on the bike.

Important E-Bike Information

Many Orange County residents ask why electric bikes aren’t banned, or feel that we should force users to get a license specific for e-bikes. However, currently, state laws don’t allow cities to ban e-bikes or force people to get a license. We will keep you updated if that changes!

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