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Best Bike Trails in Laguna Hills

Best Bike Trails In Laguna Hills

Laguna Hills has some of the most scenic bike and hiking trails in Orange County. Here is my list of the best bike trails in Laguna Hills.

Table of Contents

Aliso Creek Biking and Hiking Trail

Aliso Creek stretches out 18.4 miles long with the trial endpoints in Santiago and Live Canyon Rd and Wood-Aliso Park in Laguna Niguel. Aliso Creek is a paved trail. You can access the trail from Aliso Canyon Road, El Toro, Sycamore, and Heroes Park. Parking is pretty easy at any of the parks and they connect to the creek trail quickly.

The creek trail is one of the popular cycling routes in Orange County. The trail also connects with a lot of mountain biking trails as you head south to Laguna Niguel. Morning rides are wonderful and it is a great trail to explore. If you happen to take the paths in the evening watch out for pedestrians and hikers. The ride is pretty safe. You will bypass a lot of the car traffic.

The trail is not too tough for hikers or bike riders. You have some hills especially if you are heading through Lake Forest. There are plenty of places to stop and use the restroom, fill up water bottles, and rest before moving on the trail.

If you keep heading down south the trail can take you all the way down to Three Arch Bay. E-bikes are not allowed on the trail going south towards the bay. So once you hit Aliso & Wood Canyon Wilderness park you are only allowed to use mountain and street bikes. It is paved part of the way. You will hit some patches of dirt trails.

Salt Creek Trail

This is a great trail to take the whole family. It is only 20 minutes on the bike to get to the trail from Laguna Hills. It starts in Laguna Niguel Regional Park and goes around the Sulphur Creek Reservoir and ends on Crown Valley Parkway. The total mileage on the trail is 7.7 miles.
You can reconnect with the trail in Laguna Niguel on Rancho Niguel road. You can start heading south to Dana Point and Salt Creek Beach or you can head to Chapparosa Park and have a picnic, use the playground, and use the restrooms.

If you want to continue to head south prepare for a beautiful scenic ride down through Dana Point and Salt Creek Beach. The views are beautiful and the weather is pretty amazing. The trail is mostly paved. There are spots where can hit a gravel patch, but overall it is really smooth. It is great for walking, hiking, mountain biking, walking with your dog, and trail running as well.

The bird watching and the wildflowers on the trail are pretty awesome. When you have a chance I highly recommend taking this trail anytime during the year. In the winter months bundle up. It can get pretty cold close to the creek, especially in Dana Point.

It can be a hike and you hit some hills as you are heading towards Laguna Niguel from Dana Point, but it is pretty flat. You can access the park from Laguna Niguel Regional Park, Chapparosa Park, as well as Salt Creek Beach in Dana Point.

Be careful of walkers as you get closer to the beach. The bikeways can get congested towards Salt Creek during the spring and summer. There are rest areas along the trail, but make sure to bring a good amount of water and snacks if you are riding or walking back up.

Oso Creek Trail

The trail starts at Oso Viejo Community Park. You can take the path to Jeronimo Road and Marguerite Parkway. You can park your car in Oso Viejo Park if you don’t want to bike all the way to the park. The length of the trail is approximately 4.4 miles.

The trail is different from other trails in Orange County. The trail has a butterfly garden, hedge maze, and peace obelisk. Throughout the trail, there are mosaic art and benches. The trail is absolutely beautiful. The tall green trees and sights of Oso creek are pretty nice.

The trail is completely paved so the ride is really smooth. It is great for street bikes, skating, and walking. The trail leads to a park that has a large green space to play and picnic tables. It can get busy during the weekends and evenings.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are all the trails near Laguna Hills paved trails?

Yes, all of the trails listed above are paved trails. There are spots in the trail that have loose gravel or dirt. Please be careful.

Is mountain biking allowed on the paved trail?

Yes, all bikes (including e-bikes) are allowed on the trails listed above. Policies may change because of the heavy use of e-bikes on the trails so make sure to look for new signs from Orange County or the cities.

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