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Best Internet Providers Laguna Hills California

Best Internet Providers Laguna Hills California

If you have just moved you are probably wondering like I was what internet service providers exist in Laguna Hills California. Here is my list of the best internet providers in Laguna Hills.

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Currently, AT&T only offers DSL internet service with a maximum speed of 50 Mbps. If you want cable tv or a home phone service you can purchase bundles that include a tv or phone package. AT&T has internet deals with smart DVR included, or for the sports fan, NFL Sunday ticket. They do not have fiber internet in the area yet.

Pricing is $55 dollars a month. There are no annual contracts or equipment fees. AT&T will provide you with their Wi-Fi router.

The pricing is pretty cheap compared to the other internet services in Laguna Hills. They are not the faster internet provider, but if you are looking to save money this is a good option. The download speeds and upload speeds can vary throughout the day. I have seen the speeds drop when everyone is heading home.

If you are into online gaming I would not choose this service because the internet speed can vary so much. It is not the most reliable internet connection for high-speed internet service.

Cox Communications

Cox Communications is the fastest internet provider in Laguna. The internet packages vary in speed and price. Internet speeds starting from 150 Mbps to maximum speeds of a Gigablast. You can get a Gig of download speed and 35 Mbps Upload speed for 178.00 with unlimited data. They have cheaper internet packages without unlimited data, but if you work from home you do not want to choose this option. Your broadband speeds will slow and make your work life miserable. The internet plan without unlimited data starts at $50.99 (tax not included) and cap at $99.99 (tax not included).

If you don’t mind the slower speeds I think it is worth the price because they offer the best-wired internet provider as well as the most reliable service in the area. If you love online gaming and have a lot of people using the internet simultaneously, Cox is the way to go.

Cox has tv and phone internet plans. So you can get a smart DVR included in your package as well as their wifi equipment which can come with the Cox security suite. The security suite does cost a little extra.

This internet provider’s store locations are all over Orange County. They are the main service provider in nearby cities of Laguna Niguel Ca and Lake Forest. Cox also offers free wireless internet access in hotspots throughout the Cox network.

Cox is pricey compared to other internet providers, but they are one of the fastest internet providers in the Laguna area.

Hughesnet Satellite

Hughesnet satellite is one of the cheaper alternatives for internet service. The internet service provider offers three different packages. They all come with data. The lowest package starts at $54.99. It comes with 15 GB of data and an internet speed of 25 Mbps. The most expensive package cost $149.99 a month with 75 GB of data and an internet speed of 25 Mbps.

The internet speeds can vary throughout the day. Weather can also impact your internet speeds. As compared to other satellite internet providers the customer service is pretty good. They are pretty responsive, but the internet speeds are not great and the service can be spotty at times. If you have a large family it can sap and slow down upload speeds and download speeds.

If you are in a pinch and don’t like AT&T or Cox Communication this is an alternative that exists in Laguna Hills.

T-Mobile Home Internet

T-Mobile is offering home high-speed internet service through its 5G network. Packages start at $50.00. Residential customers can get the service by purchasing the plan and getting the 5G modem. They are the cheapest internet providers in the area.

T-Mobile is offering a wide variety of internet plans that include TV packages with Paramount+, Youtube TV live, and even packages with its wireless phones. Download speeds can go between 33 Mbps-188 Mbps.

Based on reviews as well as my own experience using it at a business it is still in its beta stages. It needs some work providing better maximum speeds. The slower speeds at times can really be irritating. Even though they boast a 5G network if the 5G tower does not exist in your area you may only tap into the 4 LTE network.

T-Mobile has the potential to provide the best internet service, but unfortunately, they are not there yet. It is great news they will be joining Starlinks (Elon Musk’s Satellite internet service). If you are looking for the best internet deal T-Mobile has them packaged with their internet service packages.

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